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I dedicate this page to my dear friends Jayne and Martyn. 
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Jayne has been a real rock for me.  She has helped me more than she could ever imagine. She is my sole supplier of craft items.  I do believe that the key to a successful business is having a first class top quality supplier. 

I first became friends with Jayne when I purchased some craft items from her through Ebay.  Since then Jayne has become a great friend to my family and she is the sole supplier for all my craft items.  I even joke with Jayne that she is my own personal shopper. 

 I know that Jayne has a keen eye like myself for something unusual and shes always able to get me new lines to try.  I know without a doubt that they are going to be all great quality and are going to be simply the best!!!!   I have never once been disappointed with any product Jayne has got for me. 

I trust Jayne completely in her judgment and its so reassuring for me to know that I can spend my time making things knowing that they will last and will always look luxurious. 

 Jayne supplies me with all my floral decorations, trimmings etc right down to my cellophane bags for presentation.  I like to pack all my items to a high standard as I do believe presentation is everything!

Jayne's Ebay ID is maggot35 and Jayne's website is 

Please feel free to take a look around the website as Jayne does stock some wonderful craft items. 

Jayne also stocks luxury card making materials, feathers, dough flowers and card embellishments, baby embellishments, bridal supplies, card and paper supplies and general craft items.  There is something for everyone on there so happy shopping!!!!  I have attached a link to Jayne's website in the navagation bar on the home page as well for easy reference.

Jayne my dear friend I want to say a big thank you for all your help in getting my empire started and without you I would never have got this far.  Its so reassuring for me to know that when people buy my items they are going to get top quality and this shows in my 100% feedback record on Ebay!


mdchild04barlarge.gif picture by tj2002pink

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